Brambletye Park, Brambletye Lane, Forest Row, RH18 5EH

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Lost? Call: 01342 420 500


What's the minimum age?

All players must be 8 years or over.

Do you have a covered area for food afterwards?

We certainly do! We have a covered area with a bench along one side and a table along another. We also have 2 picnic benches for your use.

Can we increase our numbers after booking?

Yes. As long as your group size is 10 - 22 players then that's not a problem. Feel free to email us if you wish to let us know but don't worry if you can't.

How to I pay the balance?

We take the balance payment on the day. You can either pay cash or card.

What should the players wear?

We say clothes suitable for the weather but always wear sturdy shoes. Good trainers are fine. Flip-flops or crocs are NOT! Yes we really have had players turn up in both.

Do we get special kit?

Yes. Everything you need is included in the price and you'll get a camo overall if you'd like to wear one. We also have camo face paint to keep you concealed.

Some of my players will be under 8. Is this ok?

Unfortunately we can only allow ages 8 and over to play. This is partly due to insurance reasons but also due to the weight of the guns.

How many games will we play?

We do not limit the number of games so we will fill the time we have with games. Most groups play around 6-8 games. It's not rare to get a 9th in sometimes too!

Are the guns accurate?

Yes, very... and over 300m range! Our kit is the best and all guns have unlimited ammo and a red dot scope to pinpoint the enemy.

Will it be just us there?

Yup. All our bookings are exclusive bookings so you know it'll just be the people you want to play with at the party and no other randoms!

Would you like a cup of tea?

This is something we might frequently ask you. Tea and coffee are free at Ultimate Laser Games :-)

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